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Open G "GDG" Essential Cigar Box Guitar Chords Poster

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This poster contains all of the ESSENTIAL information you need to start strumming chords on your 3-string Open G "GDG" cigar box guitar!

Designed entirely by Ben "Gitty" Baker based on his own playing style and method, this handy reference includes a special diagram that shows the locations of all of the "one-finger" power chords, along with 20 additional Major, Minor and Seventh chords. Together, these chords will allow you to play a vast array of popular and traditional songs.

We also included three "extra info" boxes discuss moveable chord forms, "mirrored" chords and power chords. All told the information on this power will allow you to play hundreds of chords and songs in pretty much any key in the modern Western musical realm! 

Special Added Bonus: On the back of the poster is 3 pages of text and diagrams showing you how to use the information on the front!

This poster is printed in full color on glossy 12 x 18" cardstock, right here in the C. B. Gitty Publishing department in New Hampshire, U. S. A. Your purchase of this poster helps support our efforts to create free educational and how-to materials.

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12" x 18"
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