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Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Volume 2

  • Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Volume 2
  • Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Volume 2
  • Old-Time and Bluegrass Favorites Cigar Box Guitar Songbook - Volume 2


The 65 songs in this 215-page songbook form Volume Two of a collection of some of the best traditional tunes from the mountains, farms and woods of America - Old-Time and Bluegrass favorites that have been a mainstay of down-home American music for generations. These songs were chosen by author Ben “Gitty” Baker from amongst his personal favorites, the sort that you’d be most likely to hear around a camp fire at a bluegrass or old-time music festival. Each song arrangement includes 3-string tablature, chord names and forms, lyrics and additional verses. A short snippet of background and history is also provided, as well as multiple arrangements in different keys and styles, to accommodate varying skill levels and vocal ranges. The book also includes supplemental instructional sections on how to read tablature, play chords and more!

This listing is for the professionally printed, glue-bound version of the book. 

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Cigar Box Guitarist Shaq Collins writes:

In each book Ben will first give you an introduction not only to the book but the history of the songs within. It sets a scene of the world at the time of these songs. You get an idea of why the songs were written to begin with. Ben then goes on to give a lesson on how to read these songs. Some people may know very well how to read chords and tablature but somewhere out there these books may be someone's very first song book so I find it a very nice touch. Another thing I do like, which I have seen other books be guilty of in the past, is the larger type size. Ben has ensured that these books be very easy to read and follow. One thing I will say is a huge plus in each of his books is the page layout. Although there are chord charts in the beginning of each book, each song will have not just the chords displayed that you will need to play them but diagrams of how to play them so there is no need to flip back and forth to make sure you're fingers are where they’re supposed to be. If you’re umming and ahing about getting one of Ben's books, you’d be wise to do so because there are few better feelings than learning how to play a song you love then absolutely nailing it.

Includes all of these great songs:

  • Mama Don't Allow
  • Man of Constant Sorrow
  • Maple on the Hill, The
  • Midnight on the Stormy Deep
  • Milwaukee Blues
  • Molly and Tenbrooks
  • My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • My Old Kentucky Home
  • New River Train
  • Nine Hundred Miles
  • Nine Pound Hammer
  • Nobody's Business
  • Oh Death
  • Oh Susannah
  • Old Dan Tucker
  • Old Gray Mare, The
  • Old Joe Clark
  • Old Paint
  • Old Time Religion
  • Paul and Silas
  • Pig in a Pen
  • Railroad Bill
  • Rain and Snow
  • Red River Valley
  • Reuben's Train
  • Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
  • Roll On Buddy
  • Roving Gambler
  • Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea
  • Sally Goodin
  • Salty Dog Blues
  • Shady Grove (Bluegrass Style)
  • Shady Grove (Old-Time Style)
  • Shenandoah
  • Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me
  • Short Life of Trouble
  • Shortnin' Bread
  • Silver Threads Among the Gold
  • Sitting On Top of the World
  • Somebody Touched Me
  • Standing in the Need of Prayer
  • Streets of Laredo
  • Sugar Hill
  • Take This Hammer
  • There's More Pretty Girls Than One
  • This Train (Is Bound For Glory)
  • Tom Dooley
  • Train That Carried My Girl From Town, The
  • Train They Call the Cannonball, The
  • Turkey In The Straw
  • Unclouded Day, The
  • Wabash Cannonball, The
  • Walk In Jerusalem Just Like John
  • Walking In My Sleep
  • Wayfaring Stranger
  • Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
  • When I Lay My Burden Down
  • When the Work's All Done This Fall
  • When You and I Were Young, Maggie
  • Where the Soul Never Dies
  • Whitehouse Blues
  • Wild Bill Jones
  • Wildwood Flower
  • Worried Man Blues
  • Wreck of the Old '97
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