C. B. Gitty

The "T-Bone" Solid Cow Bone Guitar Slide

  • The "T-Bone" Solid Cow Bone Guitar Slide
  • The "T-Bone" Solid Cow Bone Guitar Slide
  • The "T-Bone" Solid Cow Bone Guitar Slide


If you're looking for a unique option to add to your slide collection, you don't want to miss this one! In the years that we've been doing this, we've seen slides come in many different materials. Ceramic, Stainless, Brass, Glass, Copper... but this is the first we've found at a reasonable price made entirely out of cow bone! 

These slides are made from real cow bone. They measure in at approximately 2 7/16" (62mm) in length, but the length may vary slightly from piece to piece. The walls are around 1/8" or 4mm thick. They are somewhat large diameter inside, coming in at 5/8". The surface of some slides may have some marks left over from the smoothing and production process - this gives them a bit of "bite" for more of a "growly" sound when laying, if desired, you can polish them smooth with fine-grit sandpaper if desired. There may be small pockmarks and occlusions in some as well, as a feature of natural bone material.

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