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The Blackhawk Guitar Capo

  • The Blackhawk Guitar Capo
  • The Blackhawk Guitar Capo
  • The Blackhawk Guitar Capo
  • The Blackhawk Guitar Capo
MSRP: $9.99
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Ben "Gitty" Baker, owner of C. B. Gitty, is rather particular when it comes to guitar capos. He's tried a lot of them over the years, and is always frustrated when they don't hold the strings down enough, causing buzz, or slide around too much. So when he decided to add a guitar capo to Gitty's product lineup, he did a lot of testing... and this model was the winner

He named it the "Blackhawk" because of its color and shape, but also its precision. It has a strong chrome-plated spring and sturdy construction making it easy to get on and off of your conventional six-string guitar neck, and it applies just enough pressure to get clear, ringing tones out of your strings. Note that this capo's hard rubber surface that touches the strings has a curved/radiused profile, made for the radiused fretboards on modern guitars. It is not intended for flat fretboards, such as those often found on Cigar Box Guitars. The body of the capo is made from high-strength steel with a glossy black finish, and the surfaces that contact your guitar are durable hard black rubber.

This capo is priced with budget-minded players in mind, and the pack also includes three guitar picks. So grab one or more to throw in your gig bags and keep in your music room. Any guitarist who knows the frustration of not being able to find a capo when you need it, knows that it's good to have extras around!

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