12pc. 20mm Piezos with One-foot Shielded Leads

  • 12pc. 20mm Piezos with One-foot Shielded Leads
  • 12pc. 20mm Piezos with One-foot Shielded Leads
  • 12pc. 20mm Piezos with One-foot Shielded Leads


This is a pack of twelve (12) 20mm (0.787") disk piezos, to which we have soldered a ~18-inch shielded cable lead. These longer leads prevent you from having to extend/replace the 2" leads that come on the standard 20mm piezos we sell, which can be a big timesaver. Also using shielded cable can help reduce hum, buzz and other feedback.  20mm is a perfect size for installing in cigar box guitars, foot stompers and other home-made instruments. They can also be used for custom pickup arrangements in more traditional stringed and percussion instruments.

An electric pick-up is a sure-fire way to take your cigar box guitar or other build to the NEXT LEVEL, and many builders report that their instruments are much more attractive to potential buyers if they include a pickup. So here is your chance to take the plunge without dropping a huge wad of cash!

To wire the shielded cable to a jack or pot, simply cut it to the desired length and remove the gray insulation. The smaller white insulated wire inside the cable is the positive, and the uninsulated bare wire is the ground/negative.

Technical Specs:
Plate Diameter: 20mm (.78 inches)
Element Diameter: 14mm (.55 inches)
Plate Thickness: .42mm (.0165 inches)
Lead Length: About 18 inches 2-conductor shielded cable.

Plate Material: Brass
Resonant Frequency (kHz): 6.3 +/- .6kHz
Resonant Impedence (ohm): 1000 max.
Capacitance (nF): 10.0 +/- 30% [1kHz]


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