C. B. Gitty

12pc. Black Strap Buttons with Screws

  • 12pc. Black Strap Buttons with Screws
  • 12pc. Black Strap Buttons with Screws


This is a pack of twelve (12) nice black strap buttons, with matching screws and felt pads for mounting them to your favorite guitar. These buttons add a convenient place to attach a standard guitar strap, and can be placed at the very bottom of the guitar and also further up the body towards the neck, if you want the strap to attach there. We offer these in 3 and 12-packs, and also in chrome and gold finishes, with an appropriate number of matching screws and round felt pads (which help protect your guitar's finish). These also work great for Cigar Box Guitars!

Please see the photo to the left for sizing information. Also, please note that the size and style of the chrome and gold varieties are not exactly the same.


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