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1LB Bulk Fret Wire - Medium/High Nickel Silver

  • 1LB Bulk Fret Wire - Medium/High Nickel Silver
  • 1LB Bulk Fret Wire - Medium/High Nickel Silver


Please note: the cost of fret wire from the manufacturers has been going up astronomically, and is now roughly triple what it was a couple of years ago. We try hard to keep our prices fair and competitive, but there is only so much we can do in the face of these sorts of increases.

This is a ONE POUND bulk lot of premium MEDIUM/HIGH 18% nickel-silver fret wire. This fret wire  is both beautiful and durable, a perfect finishing touch for your special build or re-fretting job! 18% nickel-silver is the standard fret wire material used on the vast majority of guitars and other stringed instruments.

This wire set comes in 55 12-inch straight lengths. The radius can be adjusted as necessary by hand or with a radiusing machine to match your intended usage. This fret wire has both a wider and higher crown than standard "medium" fret wire, which means that it will last longer between re-crownings or re-fretting jobs - see the exact size specs below. This wire will fit nicely into a .023" fret slot, which is pretty much the standard for most modern fret wires.

Can be used on electric and acoustic guitars, cigar box guitars and any other stringed instrument that calls for a higher and wider medium fret wire. Here are the technical specs on this fret wire (see the photo diagram for more info):

  Crown Height: .045" (1.14mm)      Crown Width: .095" (2.41mm)     Tang Depth: .073" (1.85mm)

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