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Medium/Medium Nickel-Silver Fret Wire (6 ft)


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  • Medium/Medium Nickel-Silver Fret Wire (6 ft)
  • Medium/Medium Nickel-Silver Fret Wire (6 ft)
  • Medium/Medium Nickel-Silver Fret Wire (6 ft)
  • Medium/Medium Nickel-Silver Fret Wire (6 ft)


This premium pre-radiused fret wire is great for new instrument fret-work or repair work on electric & acoustic guitars, banjos, dulcimers, cigar box guitars and more! 

This is a premium set of 6 feet of "Medium-gauge" fret wire in handy 12-inch lengths*. Six feet is more than enough for a standard acoustic or electric guitar, and you could probably get two banjos, cigar box guitars or dulcimers out of it! It is designated as "medium/medium" due to the standard, mid-range crown width, crown height and "tang" depth (see measurements below). This is premium nickel-silver fret wire manufactured by Jescar, and is one of the most popular sizes, such as what is used on many instruments by big-name companies such as Martin, Gibson and Fender.

This fret wire can be used on electric and acoustic guitars, banjos, dulcimers, bouzoukis, octave mandolins/mandolas, tenor guitars, cigar box guitars and various other fretted stringed instruments. The 8-inch pieces allow you to easily cut the exact lengths you need. The pre-radiused lengths can be adjusted to whatever your instrument requires, either by hand or using a fret wire bending machine.

We also include a 2-sided sheet of fretting "do's and don'ts" to help the first-time fretter get started, at no extra charge! This sheet contains a lot of useful how-to, things to avoid, and advice. If you want a more in-depth guide, check out our fretting how-to book!

Technical Specs: Crown Height: .043" (1.09mm)      Crown Width: .080" (2.03mm)      Tang Depth: .050" (1.27mm)

A slot width of .023" is recommended for this fret wire, but somewhat wider may work if you use glue to set the frets in. Be sure to measure the width, height and tang depth/width of your current frets before buying, to make sure this set will ft your intended usage! Note that the lengths of fret wire might show a slight curve to the left or right during installation, but this will not affect its functionality once installed and will help keep the fret in place.

* Please note that tolerance on this fret wire piece length is +/- 1/4" (.25").

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