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1pc. 3-string Rod Piezo for Cigar Box Guitar

  • 1pc. 3-string Rod Piezo for Cigar Box Guitar
  • 1pc. 3-string Rod Piezo for Cigar Box Guitar
  • 1pc. 3-string Rod Piezo for Cigar Box Guitar
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People have been asking for these for YEARS, and now we finally have them: a shorter rod piezo designed specifically for use with 3-string cigar box guitars!

These rod piezos have 3 separate piezo wafers, instead of the 6 that are found on standard guitar rod piezos, so they can be used "as is" on 3-string cigar box guitars without having to be cut! These are just over 1 and 1/2" (about 41mm) in length, 1/8" wide and 1/8" (about 3mm) tall. Originally intended to be mounted under the bone saddle, they also perform well if built into the bridge on a CBG.

Please note that these sorts of pickups always respond best if they are exposed to as much direct string pressure as possible, without actually serving as the saddle. So if you can route a slot in the top of your bridge, fit the rod piezo into it and then have some sort of saddle (like a brass rod) sit over top of it and be pressed directly down onto it by the string pressure, you'll be sure to get good results.

These pickups have a small 2.5mm plug on one end, which can easily be cut off so that the lead can be direct wired to a jack. There is a small insulated sire inside a braided outer mesh. The inside insulated wire is the positive and the braided outer mesh is the ground.

We also sell these in 10-packs if you want a better price-per-piece.

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