1pc. Chrome Guitar End-Pin Strap Button Jack

  • 1pc. Chrome Guitar End-Pin Strap Button Jack
  • 1pc. Chrome Guitar End-Pin Strap Button Jack


This is a stereo chrome-plated end pin/strap button jack perfect for use in guitars, cigar box guitars, and many other instrument and audio projects. This jack is intended to be mounted through the base of an electric guitar where the strap button would normally be, and includes a nut which must be tightened from INSIDE the instrument. The strap button portion of the jack does nut unscrew.

The shorter of the two solder lugs that protrude from the base of the jack is the one to wire your positive lead to, if you intend to use this with mono plugs.

You can also mount this on the bottom panel of your CBG and it serves both as both a standard 1/4" stereo phone jack, as well as a place to attach your guitar strap! It has a long threaded shank to accomodate nearly any box panel thickness, so no more gouging out a spot for a standard jack. These also work great for amplifiers!

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