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2pc. Black Enclosed 4-Pole pickup Rings - Choose from 4 Wood Types!

  • 2pc. Black Enclosed 4-Pole pickup Rings - Choose from 4 Wood Types!
  • 2pc. Black Enclosed 4-Pole pickup Rings - Choose from 4 Wood Types!


This is a set of two laser-cut pickup rings sized specifically for our Enclosed 4-pole Bass Pickups. We cut these from 1/8" thick solid hardwood panels, and the result is a beautiful, Made-in-the-USA way to add a touch of class to your Single-Coil pickup installs. No more do you have to worry about getting the opening hole exactly right and the edges perfect... just cut/route your hole (our acrylic pickup opening template works great for this), install the pickup and then snug one of these down over it.

We offer these in 4 different hardwoods (more varieties to come) - just choose your favorite from the options above. The photo will change for each to show you an example of what what particular wood looks like. 

The outer dimensions of these rings is 3 3/8" (85.72 mm) wide by 1 7/8" tall (47.62 mm). The thickness is 1/8" (3.17 mm). The opening is 2 13/16" (71.4378 mm) at it's widest, 2 9/32" (57.94 mm) at it's narrowest by 1 5/32" (29.36 mm), which fits very nicely over the Enclosed Black 4-pole pickups that we carry - if you got your pickup somewhere else, be sure to measure it carefully to make sure it will fit!

These rings have four holes for mounting, but we do not include screws. You can use either round-head screws or flat-head screws (careful countersinking recommended if you want to use flat-head screws). We ship these in the bare/natural wood state... applying a bit of linseed oil or other finish can really bring out the wood tones.

Because this is thin wood, be very careful when handling and mounting not to bend or twist the pieces, and to not put them under too much pressure from a screw head. Wood this thin can split easily and must be handled with care! Because these parts are cut by a laser, the edges will have some darkening. You can sand this off if desired, but it really isn't necessary.

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