6-pack 1MOhm Bourns Audio-Taper Potentiometer

  • 6-pack 1MOhm Bourns Audio-Taper Potentiometer
  • 6-pack 1MOhm Bourns Audio-Taper Potentiometer
  • 6-pack 1MOhm Bourns Audio-Taper Potentiometer
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This is a pack of six (6) Bourns 1MOhm (1 Megaohm or 1000Kohm) audio-taper potentiometers, perfect for use as volume controls in guitars, cigar box guitars, and more. These pots include a washer and nut for mounting. These are high-quality pots that will last a very long time, and they have a nice firm turning torque, not like those cheap pots that turn very easily. On a guitar, you want a pot with some torque to the turn, so that you don't drastically change your volume every time the knob gets bumped.

Higher-resistance pots such as these are often recommended for use with disc piezos, as they are better matched to the piezos' high impedance.

See specifications below for more detailed information.

• Taper: Audio
• Resistance: 1MOhms (1000 KOhms)
• Shaft Type: Knurled
• Shaft Length: 20mm
• Shaft Diameter: 6mm
• Terminal Configuration: Rear
• Dimensions: 24 mm Dia. x 11.8 mm L

• Element Type: Carbon
• Standard Resistance Tolerance: ±20%
• Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C
• Power Rating: 0.25W
• Maximum Operating Voltage: 250V
• Rotational Noise: 150mV max.
• Mechanical Angle: 300°±5°
• Rotational Torque: 20 to 200g-cm
• Stop Strength: 8kg-cm. min.
• Rotational Life: 15,000 cycles min.
• Soldering Condition:

Manual: 300°C within 3 sec.
Wave: 260°C within 3 sec.

• Hardware: one flat washer and mounting nut supplied per potentiometer with bushing

• High rotational life
• Carbon element
• RoHS Compliant

• Electric guitars
• Sound processing equipment
• Guitar and sound system amplifiers
• Appliances
• Various commercial applications

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