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2pc. "Arrowhead Badge" Aluminum Jack Plates w/screws

  • 2pc. "Arrowhead Badge" Aluminum Jack Plates w/screws
  • 2pc. "Arrowhead Badge" Aluminum Jack Plates w/screws
  • 2pc. "Arrowhead Badge" Aluminum Jack Plates w/screws
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This is a set of two custom-designed, Made-in-the-USA jack plates, specially cut from .040-inch thick aluminum and designed specifically for use on Cigar Box Guitars and other homemade instruments by Ben "Gitty" Baker. They can be mounted either "upright" for a badge/shield look, or sideways for an "arrowhead" look.

Outer dimensions of this jack plate are 1.13 x 1.46 inches, and they are designed to fit a jack with a standard 3/8-inch shaft, and to cover a hole between 0.875 and 1.0 inches in diameter. Stainless steel mounting screws (#2 x 1/2-inch) are included for mounting.

Please note that the surface of these parts come in a bare/"unfinished" state, as provided by the manufacturer. As such they may have light scuffs and scrapes that can be easily sanded/buffed out if desired. You could also spray paint these plates with good effect, or apply special aluminum antiquing solutions for custom effects. There may also be slight nubs on the outer edge left over from the cutting process, which can be easily sanded or filed off.

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