Great Pre-Amp Unit for Acoustic and Cigar Box Guitars - Model EQ-7545R



This is a pre-amp unit, perfect for mounting directly into the side of your standard acoustic guitar or cigar box guitar. For standard acoustic guitars, this pre-amp gives you an on-board equalizer and volume control and helps boost and clarify the signal before it goes to your amplifier. For cigar box guitars, using a pre-amp like this one is guaranteed to make your CBG sound better, compared to wiring a piezo straight to a jack. The rod-style piezo can be built to go under the saddle on standard guitars, and can be built into a bridge or placed directly under the bridge for optimal vibrational pickup on cigar box guitars. Many players feel that the longer rod-style piezos give better tonal range than the standard disk-style ones.

This is a great pre-amp at a great price, and is sure to help you take your builds to the next level! We also include 2-page usage instructions to help you get started!

It includes a number of great features:

  • included rod-style piezo transducer pickup, attaches via small jack plug so it can be removed if desired.
  • mono 1/4" jack with an automatic "off" circuit that turns the pre-amp off when the cord is unplugged
  • Controls for volume, bass, mid-range, treble and pres.
  • built-in battery holder for 9-volt battery (not included)
  • Flange measurements: 4 1/16" L x 1 3/4" W
  • Fits a hole of size: 3 3/4" L x 1 9/16" W (be sure to double-check all measurements before cutting into your instrument)
  • Slim, compact design.
  • Includes mounting screws, extra washer and nut for jack, and plastic self-adhesive wire organizer.

Please be aware that the flange (the upper plastic rim/housing that mounts flush against the guitar wall) of this pre-amp does have a bit of a curve to it, so some alteration may be necessary to get it to mount flush against a straight cigar box side. The plastic is flexible enough to allow it to be screwed down tightly, though two additional screws in the middle may be necessary. Also a wood, foam or some other material spacer could be used as a shim to help seat the curved portion against the box side.

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