Shane Speal Signature 3-string Cigar Box Guitar String Sets

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These string sets have been formulated by Shane Speal, King of the Cigar Box Guitar, based on his 25 years of experience of what works for cigar box guitars on stage. Choose either the acoustic or electric set: acoustic for pure acoustic playing and also piezo disks, electric if you are using a magnetic pickup. Each string pack also includes alternate tunings that you can try with these strings.

Acoustic Set:

  • #1 - .042" Phos. Bronze Wound (Low G)
  • #2 - .032" Phos. Bronze Wound (Middle D)
  • #3 - .024" Phos. Bronze Wound (Middle G)


      Electric Set:

  • #1 - .046" Nickel Wound (Low G)
  • #2 - .032" Nickel Wound (Middle D)
  • #3 - .022" Nickel Wound (Middle G)

For best results with reaching the desired tuning, these should be used on a CBG that has a scale length (the length from the nut to the bridge) in the 23-27" range. Much longer or shorter than that and the strings will either be too loose and sloppy, or so tight that they break before they reach the pitch.

This string set is formulated based on Shane's many years of experimentation and what has worked on his guitars. 

On the subject of tuning a CBG, having a digital chromatic tuner can be a BIG HELP to get in tune, compared to tuning by ear, pitch matching or using a microphone-based tuner. We carry inexpensive digital chromatic tuners in this store (search for "digital tuner"), so check them out!

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