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"Tupelo Tenor" GDG String Set for Electric 23" 3-string Scale Cigar Box Guitars



Named for Tupelo, Mississippi, a town right in the heart of Blues Country and the birthplace of the king. This is the same set that are included with our 3-String Tupelo Tenor guitar kit.

Tenor guitars have been around for many years, but they have always been the lesser-seen cousin of the 6-string guitar... but all that is now changing! With their shorter scale (23 inches instead of 25+), fewer strings, and versatile tuning options, tenors are a great way to either get started playing, or to expand your repertoire. 

While most of our string sets are meant for scale lengths ranging from 24"-25.5", this one was picked out by Ben for 23" Scale instruments. It is a modified version of our popular Blues Blaster string set. 

The strings are all Nickel-wound, which are made specifically for use with magnetic pickups. They can also be used with acoustic instruments with no loss in sound quality.

The set contains the following Gauges:

Low G - .044 (44 Gauge) Nickel Wound
Low D - .034 (34 Gauge) Nickel Wound
Middle G - .024 (24 Gauge) Nickel Wound

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