Southbound Strings

"Tupelo Tenor" GDGB String Set for 23" Scale 4-string Electric Cigar Box Guitars



This string set is named in honor of the mountainous areas of the United States, the people who live there and the amazing music that has come down from them over the years. Whether the Smoky or Appalachian Mountains, the Ozarks, the Rockies out west, the Adirondacks and Alleghenies, and even the Green and White Mountains up in New England. 

Tenor guitars have been around for many years, but they have always been the lesser-seen cousin of the 6-string guitar... but all that is now changing! With their shorter scale (23 inches instead of 25+), fewer strings, and versatile tuning options, tenors are a great way to either get started playing, or to expand your repertoire. 

While most of our string sets are meant for scale lengths ranging from 24"-25.5", this one was picked out by Ben for 23" Scale instruments. It is a modified version of our popular Blues Blaster string set. 

The strings are all NIckel wound, which are traditionally used for electric
The set contains the following Gauges:

Low G - .044 (44 Gauge) Nickel Wound
Low D - .034 (34 Gauge) Nickel Wound
Middle G - .024 (24 Gauge) Nickel Wound
High B - .017 (17 Gauge) Plain Steel

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