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C. B. Gitty

10oz. Two-Headed Fretting Hammer

  • 10oz. Two-Headed Fretting Hammer
  • 10oz. Two-Headed Fretting Hammer
  • 10oz. Two-Headed Fretting Hammer
MSRP: $16.99
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This light hammer is fitted with two grades of tips - one hard rubber, and one hard plastic. Each tip threads into the handle so you can adjust the weight or simply use one side.

The more forgiving rubber is perfect for tapping in frets or other pieces that a steel hammer might otherwise damage. The hammer has a clear yellow head on one side which won't mar frets, and the other side can be used as a light-duty mallet as needed. We have found that these hammers have a lot of good uses in the shop, in addition to fretting - any time you need to "gently encourage" something into place, and don't want to bring a hardened steel hammer into play, this is your go-to tool.

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