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The Quick-Slotter Fret Miter System

  • The Quick-Slotter Fret Miter System
  • Fretting saw not included, and is shown for demonstration purposes only.
  • Fretting saw not included, and is shown for demonstration purposes only.
  • The Quick-Slotter Fret Miter System
  • The Quick-Slotter Fret Miter System
  • The Quick-Slotter Fret Miter System



"This thing is just great. It made that tedious, time consuming and exacting chore a snap. I love it ... Worth every penny." - Bayou Cigar Box Guitars

A C. B. Gitty original, the Quick-Slotter Fret Miter System removes all of the mystery and mistake potential from slotting 1/4-inch thick fretboards for guitars, cigar box guitars, banjos and more. Using one of our high-quality C. B. Gitty Fretting Saws, just clamp in your fret board blank and start sawing... the 24 precision laser-cut miters are in EXACTLY the right places to yield a perfectly spaced slotted fretboard. As an added bonus, when using our saw, the built-in depth stops will yield fret slots of precisely the right depth!

This miter box will accept fretboard blanks up to 3 inches wide, so they can be used for conventional guitars as well as cigar box guitars. In fact, you may even be able slot two 1.5-inch cigar box guitar fretboards at the same time! We also include a usage sheet full of helpful tips on how to make best use of your Quick-Slotter, along with instructions more advanced usage showing how it can be used to create diatonic fretboards, zero-fret fretboards, Fender-style (embedded nut) fretboards and more!

Please Note: the automatic depth stop feature of this miter box is designed to work with our Fretting Saw, which is not included with this offer unless added as an additional option. While it may work with other saws, the depth stop feature likely will not yield expected results. Also note that the fretting saw shown in the listing photos is for demonstration purposes only.

These tools are cut and assembled here in the C. B. Gitty workshop in Rochester, New Hampshire. As with all laser-cut items, the inward/downward facing sides of the pieces may have some staining left over from the laser-cutting process, though we try to sand most of this off during assembly. This does not affect functionality of the tool, but can be sanded off if desired. Because this is a wooden miter box, over time the saw guide slot may widen, or depth stops may become worn/grooved, causing the tool to become less accurate. Steady, careful sawing can help prevent this. Replacement panels may be made available if demand arises.

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