Jescar "Super Jumbo" Nickel-Silver Fret Wire (6 ft)

  • Jescar "Super Jumbo" Nickel-Silver Fret Wire (6 ft)
  • Jescar "Super Jumbo" Nickel-Silver Fret Wire (6 ft)
  • Jescar "Super Jumbo" Nickel-Silver Fret Wire (6 ft)


This premium Jescar 18% nickel-silver fret wire is both beautiful and durable, a perfect finishing touch for your special build or re-fretting job! With its super-wide crown width and extra-high crown height, this is some of the biggest fret wire you can get - perfect for basses and electric guitars where you want a "scalloped" feel to the fretboard. Jescar fret wire is considered by many builders to be the highest-quality fret wire on the market today, and it is used by many of the biggest guitar manufacturers.

This wire set comes in nine (9) 8" lengths, pre-radiused on a ~10.5" radius basis, which will help keep those ends down when you are installing it. The size of this wire has both a very wide and high crown compared to standard "medium" gauge wire, which makes it perfect for bass guitars and also some electrics - it is even bigger than what is normally called "jumbo" wire! See the exact size specifications below. This wire will fit nicely into a .023" fret slot, which is pretty much the standard for most modern fret wires.

We also include a 2-page sheet of fretting "do's and don'ts" to help the first-time fretter get started, at no extra charge! This fret wire is intended for bass guitars, electric guitars and any other instrument where you want the highest and widest fretwire for a scalloped fretboard feel. The 8-inch lengths allow you to easily cut the exact lengths you need.

Technical Specs: Crown Height: .058" (1.47mm) Crown Width: .118" (3.00mm) Tang Depth: .074" (1.88mm)

A slot width of .023" is recommended for this fret wire, but somewhat wider may work if you use glue to set the frets in. Be sure to measure the width, height and tang depth/width of your current frets before buying, to make sure this set will fit your intended usage!

* Please note that tolerance on fret wire piece length is +/- 1/8" (.125").


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