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Hubcap Reso Cone Cover Plates - Choose Design & Style!

  • Mounting suggestion. Box and cone not included in this offer.
  • Detail of brushed aluminum finish.
  • Decoration suggestion. Box and cone not included in this offer.
  • Radial Teardrop 6-inch Brushed aluminum cover Mounting suggestion. Box and cone not included in this offer.
  • Radial Sunburst 6-inch Brushed aluminum cover


These resonator cover plates are cut from .040-inch (around 19-gauge) thick aluminum and are designed and manufactured in the USA. We designed these covers to fit our 5.25-inch and 6-inch "Hubcap" paint can lid resonator cones, using our special mounting-ring systems. These awesome American-made parts make a GREAT addition to your special CBG resonator build - just choose your favorite design! Prices vary based on size, material and style - more complex designs take longer to cut and thus cost more.

Please note this listing is for the cover plate only - the reso cones and other props shown in the listing photos are for reference/usage suggestions only.


Add a Hubcap Reso Cone to your order here.

Add a Hubcap Reso Cone Mounting Ring System (compatible with these covers) to your order here.

The aluminum version of these cones are deburred/sanded during the manufacturing process and have a textured matte surface, but they can be polished to a mirror shine using fine grit sandpaper, fine steel wool or polishing compounds. The plywood versions will have their smooth, unfinished birch factory finish and may have some burn marks on the back side from the laser cutting process. The plywood versions can be stained, painted or otherwise decorated as desired.

Their outer diameter of the half-gallon variety is exactly 6 inches and the center opening is just over 1.875 inches. For the 7-inch one-gallon variety, the center opening is 2.34 inches in diameter. Each cover has eight screw holes for mounting. Please note that these covers are larger than the outer diameter of our hubcap reso cones and are designed to be used with our mounting ring system. You can still use them without our mounting system but there will be a slight 1/16-inch gap between the plate and the surface of the instrument. We do not include screws with these plates.

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