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"Nashville C6" 6-string Lap Steel Guitar String Set - Get that honky tonk sound!



This is a special set of strings designed specifically for use on 6-string lap steel guitars! Intended for tuning to CEGACE, for that distinctive Nashville sound. This set can also be used for Hawaiian-style playing!

This set is a mix of plain steel (unwound) and Nickel-wound strings intended for use with magnetic (electric guitar-style) pickups. This is the same set we include with our 2x4 Lap Steel Kit.

#1 - .034" Nickel Wound (Low C)
#2 - .030" Nickel Wound (Low E)
#3 - .024" Nickel Wound (Middle G)
#4 - .020" Plain Steel (Middle A)
#5 - .017" Plain Steel (Middle C)
#6 - .014" Plain Steel (High E)

For best results with reaching the desired tuning, these should be used on a lap steel that has a scale length (the length from the nut to the bridge) of around 23". Much longer or shorter than that and the strings will either be too loose and sloppy, or so tight that they break before they reach the pitch.

On the subject of tuning a guitar, having a digital chromatic tuner can be a BIG HELP to get in tune, compared to tuning by ear, pitch matching or using a microphone-based tuner. We carry inexpensive digital chromatic tuners - click here to check them out!

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