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"The Chicago" Electric 3-String Cigar Box Guitar Kit

  • "The Chicago" Electric 3-String Cigar Box Guitar Kit
  • "The Chicago" Electric 3-String Cigar Box Guitar Kit
  • "The Chicago" Electric 3-String Cigar Box Guitar Kit
  • "The Chicago" Electric 3-String Cigar Box Guitar Kit
  • "The Chicago" Electric 3-String Cigar Box Guitar Kit
  • "The Chicago" Electric 3-String Cigar Box Guitar Kit


This deluxe kit includes everything you need to build am amazing-sounding heirloom quality 3-string electric cigar box guitar, including detailed instructions written by the man himself, Glenn Watt!

Glenn has taken our popular Hot Rod Parts kit and turned the dial all the way to 11, adding one of our Premium 25" Fully Fretted Hardwood necks, and a handpicked premium cigar box (Dimensions and brand will vary)!



Important Note: While anyone can build a fantastic cigar box guitar (and build them well), this is a more advanced kit is geared toward more experienced DIY makers and woodworkers. There are some more advanced techniques used during construction that benefit greatly from both woodworking and cigar box guitar building experience. If you are looking for a less involved kit, please check out some of our other kits. This kit has all of the essential items you need to build a screaming electric 3-string cigar box guitar, but access to a decently equipped workshop is highly recommended. Having some scrap wood available for bracing is also recommended.

Here is what this premium kit includes:

  • (8) Chrome Box Corners, with screws
  • (3) Chrome Sealed-Gear Tuners with screws, 2 Right/1 Left alignment
  • (2) Chrome Dome Press-Fit Knobs
  • (1) Chrome Recessed Jack Plate, with Screws
  • Set of (3) Electric Guitar Strings, for tuning to low open GDG
  • (1) Bone Nut Blank
  • (1) Chrome Hard-tail 3-string Bridge with screws & wrench
  • (2) Chrome Strap Buttons with screws
  • (1) Stainless Steel Pickup Cover Plate with screws
  • (1) Chrome “Snake Oil” Mini Humbucker Harness with Volume & Tone Controls (includes mounting screws/springs, not shown)
  • (1) Premium Fully Fretted 25" Scale Hardwood Cigar Box Guitar Neck
  • (1) Premium Wooden Cigar Box (Styles vary, but are chosen from the best wooden cigar boxes in our inventory)
  • (1) Full 28-page photo-packed How-to Guide 

The dimensions of the neck are 1 1/2" wide (3 1/2" at the headstock) x 3/4" thick x 36" long. The fretboard is approximately 18 3/8" long. 

Due to variations in wood, each of the necks will be different in terms of exact grain, coloration and other details, but we guarantee that each neck we send out will be of the same high quality for cigar box guitar usage. 

Headstock: Scarf-jointed and extended. Some sanding will be required, to accommodate the tuners. Thinning the neck by approximately 1/8" is recommended, though flexible. A forstner or spade bit, drilled large than the diameter of the tuner, can also be used to create the space to wind the string. This can also provide a unique aesthetic.

Frets: Fully Fretted with 20 frets to a 25-inch scale with medium/medium nickel-silver Fret wire. Each fret has been dressed and rounded over and can be finished further if desired.

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