Ben's Blog:  "The Place You Want To Be"

Ben's Blog: "The Place You Want To Be"

Inspired by a customer's photograph, C. B. Gitty owner, Ben Baker takes a moment to concentrate on why we make these instruments, kits and parts.  

Sometimes, you see a snapshot of a time and place, a little slice of life, and immediately realize: "I want to be there. That is my place." 

For some, that feeling is brought on by photos of landmarks and monuments, or scenic mountain vistas, or images of seas vast and blue and wide.

And while those scenes appeal to me as well, there is just something deeper, and sweeter, about an old down-home scene.

A scene like the one in this photo.

It was posted to the Friends of Gitty group recently by our good friend Ken Hope. It's his "pickin' spot" in the back yard of his home down in Olive Branch, Georgia.

Ken whiles away his afternoons sitting in that rocking chair, drinking coffee (with maybe just a little something extra added to it), and thumbing through the cigar box guitar songbooks I created, while picking out tunes on his favorite cigar box guitar. 

That's the sort of down-home, laid-back life that most of us could do with a lot more of these days.

I ain't gonna lie - I'd kinda like to be there with him.

Keep on' pickin', Ken.

-Ben "Gitty"

18th May 2021 Ben "Gitty" Baker

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