BUILDING TIP: Brace Cigar Boxes With Corner Molding

BUILDING TIP: Brace Cigar Boxes With Corner Molding

Thin-topped cigar boxes deliver magnificent tones to homemade instruments. The drawback is they may require a little extra bracing to become guitar bodies that are made to withstand the abuse of stage and studio. 

In this video, Shane Speal shows how to use common corner molding from a big box hardware store to quickly brace the box up.

This simple tip can be used on just about any cigar box intended for guitar building. 

Watch the quick video below to see Shane's tip. After watching the video, scroll down further to see a step-by-step breakdown of this brilliant trick put into action.

Step-by-Step Breakdown

Brace Cigar Boxes with Corner Molding

"Hey, all.

Here’s an easy way to add bracing to a cigar box that may be a little flimsy.

Now, these Don Rafael boxes are awesome because they have a nice, thin lid to them."

Thin box sides can make for flimsy boxes

"But if you notice, in here everything is just kind of held together with this paper.

There may be a bit of glue holding it, but to make a cigar box guitar I want to add some bracing.

So, what I did was I took… I’ve got some of this corner molding from the big box hardware store," 

Corner molding from hardware store

"and I cut it into pieces… like so."

Corner molding cut into pieces

"And I have these pieces just high enough to fit right in here that the box still closes."

Corner molding dry-fit to inside box corner

"I cut four of them. And it’s really simple. All you do is… I use a little sponge to apply some glue."

Applying glue to corner molding

"Glue here, glue there and then hit the bottom too."

Gluing bottom of corner molding

"Put it right in there."

Press glued molding into corner

"Push it in tight and then get a little clamp and clamp it right… you may have to pull the box up a little [to fit the clamp]... clamp it right there." 

Corner molding glued and clamped to inside box corner

"Do it to all four sides. 

And what that’s gonna do is, it’s gonna hold all those corners together and it’s also gonna be glued to the bottom so it’s gluing the bottom to the sides, as well.

Do all four, and you have something like this."

Corner molding glued inside multiple box corners

"It really adds sturdiness to your box .

So, there’s my little tip for you.



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5th Jul 2017 Shane Speal

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