Free Cigar Box Guitar Tablature: Flower of Scotland

On a request from a long-time customer, Ben Gitty recently sat down to arrange tablature for the beloved Scottish song "Flower of Scotland". This piece, often thought to be traditional, was actually written in the 1960's by Roy Williamson, a member of the Celtic band The Corries. It quickly found its way into the hearts of Scottish folks all around the world, and is one of the country's unofficial national anthems (it does not have an official anthem). We are happy to present it here as a free download for your picking pleasure. 

This tablature is arranged for 3-string instruments (such as cigar box guitars) tuned to GDG. Click the image below to download the free, printable PDF file.

Flower of Scotland Tab Sample Image - Click to Download PDF

12th Apr 2023 Ben "Gitty" Baker

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