Guitar Fretwire Becomes Jewelry in Master's Hands

Guitar Fretwire Becomes Jewelry in Master's Hands

C. B. Gitty got its humble start years ago when Ben Gitty Baker sold fretwire out of his basement to fellow cigar box guitar builders.  None of us could have seen the resulting tens (hundreds?) of thousands of instruments made from our parts since then.  We also didn't expect to see beautiful jewelry made from that fretwire, but that's exactly what Eugene Sarniak of Pennsylvania has done!

Sarniak recently posted these photos of his fretwire jewelry on our Customer Submissions page.  They show various pendants twisted, soldered and set into various shapes, including a hummingbird, cross and paw.  We don't know much about his creations except that his choice of fretwire is C. B. Gitty narrow/low frets.

Thank you for sharing your art, Eugene!  Send us more photos when you get 'em.  And tell us where you sell them, too!

-Ben & the C. B. Gitty staff

17th Nov 2022

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