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How To Play Any Song Using Just One Finger!

How To Play Any Song Using Just One Finger!

Cigar box guitars are one of the easiest instruments to play - especially those tuned to an "open chord" such as the standard GDG. 

As Glenn Watt and others have shown us, you can play all sorts of songs on open-tuned cigar box guitars using just one finger. You simply use the index finger of your fretting hand to hold down all three strings at different frets, to play the different chords that make up a song. You can find some of Glenn's best one finger lessons here... but of course the question immediately arises - what about all the other songs you might want to play?

I have published quite a few tablature song books for cigar box guitar and other instruments, and in those books I give the chord names (G, C, D, etc) above the tablature, for if you want to strum along.

But what if you want to play these songs with just one finger?

There's a magic formula for converting songs with standard chord names to one-finger numbers. It really isn't hard, and you'll soon be able to play any song in my songbooks (or from song chord sites on the internet) with no problem.

To make it as easy as possible, I have created a free downloadable PDF guide showing my method for turning any song into a ONE-FINGER song. You an print it out and keep it handy, and then when if you have one of my songbooks, or download a song chord sheet from the internet, you can just write in the numbers above the chord names. It's that easy!

So check out my how-to guide, buy (or download the e-book version) of one of my songbooks, and get busy making music!

Thanks to Roland Marchand for suggesting this lesson!

4th Jun 2021 Ben "Gitty" Baker

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