Professional Musicians Love Cigar Box Guitars

Professional Musicians Love Cigar Box Guitars

I've heard it said: "A cigar box guitar is never going to sound like a Martin or a Gibson... but then again, a Martin or a Gibson is never going to sound like a cigar box guitar." 

Pro musicians tend to be very particular about the sounds they want in a song, or at a particular place in a song. Sometimes they want pure, clean precision. Other times they want raunchy, growling jangly mojo funk. That's where cigar box guitars come in. 

Really, the quote above sums it up rather well. Sometimes to get the sound you want, you have to build it yourself (or have someone build it for you). A stick, some strings and a box. Throw a pickup in that bad boy, grab a slide and let her howl. There's just nothing like it. 

This helps explain why so many big-name musicians have an epiphany of sorts when they first play a cigar box guitar. From Keith Richards to Paul McCartney, Billy Gibbons to Stephen Tyler and more, there is just something about that gritty, HONEST sound that strikes deep, right down to the roots of what music is all about. The people who have truly devoted their lives to making music just instinctively get it. 

There will always be those who DON'T get it as well, or who refuse to: the ones who turn up their noses at thinking of playing something so primitive. The ones who feel they can only be their true musical selves if they are using the best famous-name high-dollar equipment. Well, they can have it. Always remember: a true master can make anything sound amazing, while a hack can make the finest instrument sound bad.

In short: there is room for both the primitive and the polished, the high-end and the low-end, the gritty and the grandiose, when it comes to making music. The true pros get it, and we're thankful that they do.

You can build your own raunchy, growling jangle mojo funk machine with our Chicago Electric Cigar Box Guitar Kit.

10th Jan 2023 Ben "Gitty" Baker

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