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The Barnwood "Mountain Tenor" Guitar - A Builder's Diary

The Barnwood "Mountain Tenor" Guitar - A Builder's Diary

I just strung this guitar up this morning and it was love at first strum.  The instrument is a C. B. Gitty Mountain Tenor Kit. Before I get into details, here's the demo I just filmed.

The kit arrives "in the white" (unfinished) which allows you to paint, stain and customize.  

For the sides, back and neck, I used some English Chestnut stain I had from a hardwood floor project from many years ago.  The face of the guitar is actually a photograph of the side of a barn that was printed directly on the wood with a UV printer.  I then took my woodburning pen and enhanced the nail holes and some of the lines.  It gave a great 3D look.

It's a very easy kit to build.  I used my router to round the back of the neck, although you could use files or sandpaper.  A good supply of clamps help, but I'm sure you could get away with a big bag of rubber bands.

Usually, Gitty sends me a prototype kit for me to try out, customize and then ship back to him in New Hampshire.  This one will be an exception.  I'm keeping it and he can't have it back!

2nd Sep 2021

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