The Brain Tumor and Cody's Wine Box Bass

The Brain Tumor and Cody's Wine Box Bass

Our customers are the coolest people we know and we always read your letters.  Here's one that blew us away this week...

Dear C. B. Gitty,

I've attached a photo of wine box bass my grandson and I constructed using CB Gitty parts. The box came from a winery in Prosser Washington, Airfield Estates. Cody my grandson things the bass is “badass.”  The bass does have a great voice and in the picture Cody is playing it for the first time.

We finished the bass on the Saturday before Christmas. 

On Sunday 12/20 Cody my grandson, had a seizure. He was rushed to Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle. They ran several tests found a tangerine sized tumor on the left frontal lobe. Surgery followed. 

During the craniotomy they wake the patient up and test to find out how far they can go in removing the tumor, without causing harm to language and fine motor skills. 

When they woke up Cody his first words were “bass... where’s my bass?”

Today Cody is in Seattle, to remove staples and talk with the doctors about additional therapies.

Keep on Strummin’ and Buildin’

Jerry aka Pappa

2nd Sep 2020

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