[VIDEO] Gitty Gang Show Episode #115

[VIDEO] Gitty Gang Show Episode #115

It's the Gitty Gang Show episode #115. This episode includes the triumphant return of Gitty Gangster Dan and the inaugural edition of Hobo Junction, where Ben and Dan perform everyone's favorite train songs.

Every week, the Gang is joined by Gitty Gangsters from the Cigar Box Nation pages on  Facebook and Youtube to celebrate the joys of building and playing handmade musical instruments, especially cigar box guitars.

This week's episode was a real humdinger!

There were several live musical performances on the Gitty stage and also video performances submitted by the Gitty Gangsters in the audience. 

Plus, there was talk about new products and how-to's, Watt Corner, and much more. See for yourself, below!


Are you pressed for time? Would you like to jump to your favorite segments without watching the entire show?

Posted below are timestamps that indicate where in the show timeline you can jump to catch your most-loved moments.

Scroll a bit further down this post to find links to sites, products, and events mentioned in the show.


6:00 Learn how to submit your Christmas song to the 2019 Cigar Box Nation Christmas album and where to download the previous 10 years of community albums (linked below).

10:20 Ben and Glenn perform Jingle Bells.

14:20 Gitty Gangster Burton P. plays Silent Night on his 3-string slide CBG.

15:03 Young Instagrammer Masie plays a cigar box ukulele and talks about the charity for which the uke is up for auction.

16:06 Gitty Gangster Vern plays his original tune Santa Plays Tuba In Aruba on his fretted 3-string CBG.

18:05 In an ongoing effort to spread the word about building CBGs, Ben talks about new books he's working on.

22:37 It's a fun affair... Ben and Glenn struggle mightily to perform O Tannenbaum, and smiles are had.

24:43 Ben jumps on the cigar box fiddle, and Glenn joins him with the Coke crate guitar to play an instrumental version of Deck The Halls.

25:58 Gitty Gangster Sue S. performs a cowboy song with style and grace.

29:23 It's Watt Corner, people.

43:44 Gitty Gangster Burton P. plays a haunting slide riff.

46:32 It's Hobo Junction and the triumphant return of the newest Gitty Gangster Dan!

47:56 Dan and Ben perform the Jimmie Rodgers tune Hobo Bill's Last Ride.

54:43 Dan and Ben perform Hank William's Lonesome Whistle.

1:00:10 Ben and Dan perform John Prine's Paradise.

1:06:59 A friend of Gitty Gangster Bruce N. plays one of Bruce's stellar 4-stringers.

1:08:00 Gitty Gangster Vern performs another original Christmas tune Munchy Santa.

1:10:40 The Gang plays out the show.


Get your submissions in by December 20th for the 2019 Cigar Box Nation Christmas album.  Click here to find our more.

Click here and be brought to the download page for all the previous years' albums, all free to download.

Click here to see Ben "Gitty" Baker's new Kindle book titled,  How to Build a Basic 3-String Cigar Box Guitar: A Fully Illustrated, Easy-to-Follow Guide to Building Your Own CBG (Cigar Box Instrument Building Book 1).

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9th Dec 2019 Glenn Watt

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