Custom Printed 3-string Cigar Box Guitar - Upload Your Own Design!


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  • Custom Printed 3-string Cigar Box Guitar - Upload Your Own Design!
  • Custom Printed 3-string Cigar Box Guitar - Upload Your Own Design!
  • Custom Printed 3-string Cigar Box Guitar - Upload Your Own Design!
  • Custom Printed 3-string Cigar Box Guitar - Upload Your Own Design!

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Here is your chance to own a beautiful hand-crafted printed cigar box guitar with graphics and artwork that YOU choose! Family photos, vacation pics, favorite artwork and images - it's up to you!

We can print these using either our rustic ink transfer method, or our full-color photo-resolution "Vivigraphic" process sSee details on these options below). Either way, there are no decals or stickers, nothing that will rub or peel off. 

Now you can own a 3-string cigar box guitar featuring your own graphical design - a favorite family photo, public domain artwork, or other graphics. We will take that artwork and infuse it into the wooden cigar box, and make a beautiful guitar out of it. The boxes are all of a standard size, 10" wide by 8" tall by 2.5" deep


  • We offer two different printing methods for these box tops (choose which you want, see listing photos for examples):
    • "Vivigraphic" Method: this is a full-color, photo-resolution printing process using UV-cured inks that will give a precise reproduction of your image (with wood grain showing through any white areas). This is better for high-resolution graphics, artwork and photos.
    • Rustic Ink Transfer Method: this utilizes an ink transfer process, which results in a more diffused, rustic-looking print - this printing method is done by hand, and each piece will have unique grain patterns, textures, weathering/aging characteristics and color tone qualities. This is better for lower-resolution images and photos (the diffusion of the ink helps blend away pixelation), or for anything you want to have a more rustic/primitive look.
  • We cannot print or reproduce trademarked or copyrighted images! Please only submit photos, artwork or graphics that you fully own the rights to, or that are in the public domain.
  • Please find the highest resolution digital version of your graphics that you can, and if possible upload them as part of your order. Otherwise e-mail us the graphics after placing your order at
  • We cannot scan physical photographs or other items or you, but your local Staples print and copy center probably can.  For old photos, you may be able to take a picture with your phone and send that, just be sure it is as good of a picture as you can take, in good lighting but without glare, directly top-down.
  • The printable surface of these cigar boxes is 8 x 10 inches. Please let us know how you want your artwork to be oriented.
  • Production Time on orders of these custom guitars will be 1-2 weeks from when we get final artwork approval from you.
  • We can also offer quantity discounts on these for Weddings, Corporate Branding and other multi-unit orders! Contact us at for pricing.

Your custom guitar will be built to the standards of our line of "illustrated" guitars, designed to capture the essence of fundamental, tried-and-true stringed instrument crafting. To the sturdy frame (tone-rich wooden cigar box, hardwood neck & fretboard, solid tried-and-true hardware), we add your piece of artwork, uniquely vivifying the instrument and drawing the eye of all who see it. This handcrafted guitar has a full, rich acoustic tone (and a built-in contact pickup, if you want to amplify it), a nice high ringing treble voice, and is simply a joy to play. Best of all is the affordable price on this hand-crafted-in-the-USA piece of musical art.

These are built from new, unbranded wooden cigar boxes, which have never held cigars and have no connection to the tobacco industry.

Guitar Specs:

  • Illustration/Design: Yours!
  • Number of Strings: 3
  • Box Size: 8.3" wide by 8" tall.
  • Tuning: Open G "GDG" (high treble folk/country variety)
  • Scale Length: 23 inches (Tenor guitar)
  • Fretting Style: Chromatic
  • Pickup Style: Contact (piezo) direct-wired to Jack
  • Neck and Fretboard: Hardwood (Poplar)


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