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"Southern Biscuit Works" 3-string Cigar Box Guitar

  • "Southern Biscuit Works" 3-string Cigar Box Guitar
  • "Southern Biscuit Works" 3-string Cigar Box Guitar


It just ain't supper without some biscuits! Based on actual packing crate stencils from long ago, this design celebrates the tradition of good eatin' in the American south. Check out the the demo video below to hear what this line of "Pure and Simple" cigar box guitars sounds like:

This is a fretted 3-string acoustic/electric cigar box guitar, strung "low open G" GDG. The soundboard of this guitar has been wrapped with a full-color weatherproof polyester decal featuring a re-imagination of a historic design by Ben "Gitty" Baker, creating a striking and powerful look. The hardwood neck has been stained a nice walnut color, which nicely sets off the box. This guitar has been strung to a Low "Open G" GDG tuning with .046", .034" & .024" Phos. Bronze wound strings. You could restring this guitar with higher treble strings if desired.

This is a "stick on top" model cigar box guitar, where the neck extends over the top of the cigar box - a style which we call our Pure & Simple line. It features one of our "flying" bridges, which goes up and over the neck so that the string vibrations can be transferred directly to the box's top for louder volume and better tone. The cigar box is one of the wide flat Arturo Fuente "Chateau" boxes, and we have added brass corners to set off the decorative effect. This guitar has a disk piezo pickup, so that it can be plugged into an amp. 

These guitars are handcrafted here in the C. B. Gitty workshops in New Hampshire, USA. The wraps are printed here in our own publishing department.

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