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CLEARANCE: 8pc. Shiny Chrome Box Corners (Factory Seconds)

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  • CLEARANCE: 8pc. Shiny Chrome Box Corners (Factory Seconds)
  • CLEARANCE: 8pc. Shiny Chrome Box Corners (Factory Seconds)
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Gitty himself has contracted spring fever and has been rustling around our inventory in a bit of spring cleaning. His decree: Offer the spoils of his cleaning whirlwind at feverishly low prices.

This is a set of shiny Nickel plated box corners, the same ones seen hereOrnamental embellishments such at these can put a distinctive finishing touch on many wooden projects, including cigar box guitars, handmade wooden boxes, kitchen cabinet corners and more! 

These corners each have 3 holes for mounting - two on the sides and one on the center of the face.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is comprised of parts with slight factory defects that didn't make the cut during our initial sorting.  This product is sold without the screws included in the standard listing. Most will have some scratches, or plating issues, dents or dings and a few may have issues with the mounting holes. These are great as a trial run, or if you want to go with a weathered or "reliced" look for a guitar.

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Warranty Information

These corners will fit a square corner. We recommend pre-drilling the screw holes using a small drill bit (smaller than 1/16" if you can find one). A good substitute for a small-diameter drill bit is to cut the head off of a small tack or brad. The point usually has enough of a bite to it that you can use it to drill shallow holes perfect for small-gauge screws.
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