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Cigar Box DIY Crafting Kit - Ten (10) Cigar Boxes and 60-page How-to Guide

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  • Cigar Box DIY Crafting Kit - Ten (10) Cigar Boxes and 60-page How-to Guide
  • Cigar Box DIY Crafting Kit - Ten (10) Cigar Boxes and 60-page How-to Guide
  • Cigar Box DIY Crafting Kit - Ten (10) Cigar Boxes and 60-page How-to Guide
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If you have ever thought about making great crafts from old cigar boxes, this is the kit for you!

From home wares like clocks, purses, birdhouses, shelves and storage units... to amazing handmade instruments like kalimbas, diddleybows, ukuleles and cigar box guitars, there are so many great projects that you be made from cigar boxes! This kit includes at least 10 randomly selected, real cigar boxes, long since empties of their original contents. All of these boxes are hand-selected by C. B. Gitty for their crafting potential - they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and styles - the listing photos are just examples of the types of boxes you will receive.

But this isn't just a box of cigar boxes - what makes this a true crafters kit is the 60-page guide written by Ben "Gitty" Baker, chock full of how-to projects, photos, diagrams and links to where you can go to find more info online. Under Ben's gentle guidance you'll be up and running in no time, creating striking craft pieces from the cigar boxes in your kit, or others you already have at home.

Most lots of these will have a bonus box or two added to fill in the space in the shipping carton. Some boxes will have scuffs, dings or other marks which is natural considering that these are USED boxes which once held cigars. We will not ship any boxes with major damage or flaws. The reason we tuck an extra box or two into most cartons is to help make up for any issues. Selection varies and the exact boxes will vary widely between shipments. Many will be all-wood, though some will be paper-covered MDF and a small percentage may be cardboard. The boxes you receive will be similar to the boxes in the photo in size, shape and design.

Please note that the free shipping offer only applies to US customers in the continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii and international customers do not qualify for this offer. International shipping would likely be in the range of $50 to $100, based on the size and weight of the final package. International customers attempting to buy this offer will have their money automatically refunded and the order cancelled.

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