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Cigar Box Fiddle Kit & Guide

  • Cigar Box Fiddle Kit & Guide
  • Cigar Box Fiddle Kit & Guide
  • Cigar Box Fiddle Kit & Guide
  • Cigar Box Fiddle Kit & Guide
  • Cigar Box Fiddle Kit & Guide
  • Cigar Box Fiddle Kit & Guide


Skill level - MODERATE.  While the process is detailed as much as possible, this kit can still be a challenge for newer builders. 

Introducing one of the most often requested kits: our authentic Cigar Box Fiddle. Contains a fully carved neck, fingerboard and tailpiece along with all the parts and 30 page booklet, documenting the process of building the latest violin step-by-step.

Cigar box fiddles date back to the mid-1800's and were even played by Civil War soldiers in their camps.  Our kit hearkens back to those early instruments, using real wooden cigar boxes that deliver a tone unlike any conventional violin.


 Civil War Soldier sketch by official Union Army artist, Edwin Forbes, 1865

The Cigar Box Fiddle Kit includes: 

  1. Cigar Box - Length will be within 11 3/4"-14.5" (Note: Style May Vary. These are actual cigar boxes from local brick and mortar stores. Some may exhibit signs of wear and tear such as scuffs and scratches). Some adaptations may be required.
  2. Ebony tailpiece with fine-tuner mechanisms
  3. Ebony chin rest with mounting bracket 
  4. Ebony tuning pegs (friction style)
  5. Maple violin bridge 
  6. Sound post(s)
  7. Ebony end pin 
  8. Maple Neck w/Ebony Fretboard


Violin Bow & Rosin can be purchased separately here:

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