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The Americana Box Fiddle Kit

  • The Americana Box Fiddle Kit
  • The Americana Box Fiddle Kit
  • The Americana Box Fiddle Kit
  • The Americana Box Fiddle Kit



Building and playing homemade fiddles has been a part of the American musical tradition from the country’s earliest years, and even before. Drawing upon their ancestors’ European roots, settlers from the Appalachian mountains to the woods of Wisconsin to the great deserts of the southwest turned their hands to crafting handmade fiddles from whatever they had at hand. Cigar boxes, packing crates and many other implements were re-purposed to make music, and the tradition still continues today.

This Americana Box Fiddle Kit makes it easy to build your own homemade 4/4 fiddle by removing all of the hardest parts: finding a properly sized box, finding the right parts and hardware, and getting everything to fit together properly. The thin birch plywood top has a nice acoustic tone, and the precise laser-cut pieces make this kit easy to assemble.

This Kit includes: 

  1. Premium laser-cut plywood box / instrument body
  2. Maple/Ebony Neck and Fingerboard
  3. Ebony tailpiece with fine-tuner mechanisms
  4. Ebony chin rest with mounting bracket 
  5. Ebony tuning pegs (friction style)
  6. Maple violin bridge 
  7. Sound post
  8. Ebony end pin 
  9. Violin String Set (Standard GDAE)

Tools Required:

  1. Clamps
  2. Wood Glue
  3. Drill & common size drill bits (1/16", 1/8")
  4. Ruler / yardstick/ measuring tape

Violin Bow & Rosin can be purchased separately here:

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