Southbound Strings

Electric Medium "Blues Blaster" 3-String Cigar Box Guitar Strings - Low Open G - GDG



South Bound Strings - Made in America, Bound for Glory!

This is a set of 3 strings specifically voiced for an electric 3-string cigar box guitar (CBG) with a magnetic pickup, that you want to tune in a low "Open G" (GDG) tuning, a great setup for playing the blues! These are medium-gauge nickel-wound strings, meant for guitars that are going to be played more heavily or from which you want a stronger sound.  For best results with reaching the desired tuning, these should be used on a CBG that has a scale length (the length from the nut to the bridge) in the 24-26" range. Much longer or shorter than that and the strings will either be too loose and sloppy, or so tight that they break before they reach the pitch.

#1 - .044" Nickel Wound
#2 - .034" Nickel Wound
#3 - .026" Nickel Wound

This string set is formulated based on our own experimentation and what has worked on our own guitars. If you want to hand-pick specific strings in specific sizes, this may not be the pack for you. But if you are not sure exactly what you need and want a set of inexpensive strings that should work just fine for your build, this is the ticket.  Please note that these strings are intended for an ELECTRIC CBG with a magnetic pickup. For an acoustic CBG or one with a piezo pickup, please see our Acoustic Blues Blaster Set.

On the subject of tuning a CBG, having a digital chromatic tuner can be a BIG HELP to get in tune, compared to tuning by ear, pitch matching or using a microphone-based tuner. We carry inexpensive digital chromatic tuners in this store - click here to check them out!

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