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Fretting Guide - 158 pages Revised and Expanded - Digital Download

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This fretting guide by Ben "Gitty" Baker is 158 pages in length and packed with great information, including many color pictures and diagrams, as well as information on all fretting-related topics, with a special focus on fretting homemade instruments. Sections include: Overview of Tools; Preparing Instruments for Re-Fretting; Preparing for new fret installation; Measuring and cutting fret slots; installing and finishing frets, and more! The appendixes also include lists of resources for more information on fretting, as well as the key suppliers and resources, including free web resources!

If you are new to fretting, you won't find a better way to get the know-how you need to do a great fret job the first time. This special price provides the fretting guide for immediate download in PDF format.

 Here is a testimonial for our fretting guide from professional luthier Jonathan Holland in Georgia:



I recently bought some frets and the order came with your “Fretting Guide” CD.

I’ve been a professional luthier for quite awhile and feel pretty confident with my fretting skills, so I initially just set it aside. Then I thought “why not just take a look?”

I was immediately impressed with the professional presentation, and reviewed the entire CD carefully. I took away several helpful hints and ideas, thus proving that this old dog CAN be taught some new tricks. I put these ideas into practice on a re-fret that same evening and had one of the smoothest jobs ever!

Great CD, well produced. Thanks!

Best regards,

Jonathan Holland

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