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"Self Medication" album by One Hand Dan - Digital Download

  • "Self Medication" album by One Hand Dan - Digital Download
  • "Self Medication" album by One Hand Dan - Digital Download
  • "Self Medication" album by One Hand Dan - Digital Download


This is the rocking new blues album "Self Medication" just released on C. B. Gitty Records by One Hand Dan Russel and his band. Dan was born with only one hand, and has had a pretty wild ride in life, including a stint as a semi-pro wrestler, but since turning his talents to music he has really come into his own. As he tells it, the songs on this album were all inspired by his years growing up near the river, and you can really feel that muddy water flowing through these deep blues tracks.

  1. Bad Everything Blues (2:46)
  2. Low Down Damn Dirty Shame (3:57)
  3. 101 In The County (5:54)
  4. Billy The Toad (4:22)
  5. Magic Man (3:33)
  6. Rollin 'n Tumblin (3:12)
  7. The Darkness (5:25)
  8. John The Revelator (3:41)
  9. Trailer Park Tracy (3:04)
  10. Working Mans Blues (4:49)


  • Dan Russell - Guitar/Vocals
  • Max Russell- Guitar
  • Kirk Russell - Drums
  • Billy Smart- Guitar
  • Alexander Bowling- Bass
  • Ahmad Farzad (Kjp Studio) - Studio Engineer
  • Trevor Russell - Album Art


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