Eastwood Station

"Eastwood Station" inaugural album featuring Ben & Danny! (MP3 Download)

  • "Eastwood Station" inaugural album featuring Ben & Danny! (MP3 Download)
  • "Eastwood Station" inaugural album featuring Ben & Danny! (MP3 Download)


Get ready to ride the rails with Eastwood Station, the self-titled first album release from Ben "Gitty" Baker and Danny Woodman!

Ben and Danny have been making music together for over a decade, and in the last couple of years have regularly performed together on the Gitty Gang Show and local jam sessions. At long last, they've decided to take the next step into musical performance with the creation of a new duo titled Eastwood Station, and have chosen to self-title their first album release as well.

Featuring nine originals amongst its twelve tracks, these songs will take you down that road through yesterday, down the iron rails to an America that used to be. From rollicking foot-stompers to sad, lonesome ballads, Eastwood Station's songs are sure to have you feeling the old hobo pull in no time. 

THIS LISTING IS FOR DOWNLOADABLE MP3 VERSIONS OF THE TRACKS. Download will take place as a single ZIP file which you will then need to extract into your music folder.


Track List

1. New River Train - Traditional (3:56)

2. Truss Rod Cradle - Danny Woodman (4:12)

3. Highballin’ - Danny Woodman (3:00)

4. Wreck of the Old ‘97 - Grayson & Whitter (2:50)

5. Where the People Know My Name - Ben Baker (3:44)

6. Eastwood Station - Danny Woodman (3:10)

7. The Road That Ain’t Been Run - Ben Baker (3:49)

8. Grandpa’s Train Set - Danny Woodman (3:17)

9. The Road Through Yesterday - Ben Baker (3:23)

10. The Midnight Special - Traditional (4:51)

11. The Enginehouse - Ben Baker (4:06)

12. Lonely Train - Danny Woodman (4:00)

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