Pre-Wired 6-String Pickup Harness - White Pickup with Red Tortoise Ring

MSRP: $11.99
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This pre-wired 6-string magnetic pickup harness is ready to mount in your guitar, cigar box guitar or other stringed instrument without any need to solder or worry about wiring schematics. This harness features a white 6-pole single coil pickup with a flanged plastic base plate with a red tortoise pattern, which makes it easy to surface mount on your build (you will still need to cut a hole in the surface to accommodate the bottom of the pickup). The pickup is wired to 500KOhm mini tone (with capacitor) and volume pots, and from there to the mono output jack. Plastic Tone and Volume knobs are included along with mounting hardware for good measure (color of the knobs may be either white or a cream color, depending on what the manufacturer happens to send in a particular batch).

Measurements are:

Pickup to Volume Pot: 10"

Volume to Jack: 19"

Volume to Tone: 8 3/8"

Pickup Ring: 4 3/4" Wide X 1 1/4" Tall 


Click here for a how-to guide covering how to install this style of pickup harness in a cigar box guitar.

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