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Soap Bar P-90 DIY Pickup Harness Wiring Kit

  • Soap Bar P-90 DIY Pickup Harness Wiring Kit
  • Soap Bar P-90 DIY Pickup Harness Wiring Kit
  • Soap Bar P-90 DIY Pickup Harness Wiring Kit
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Grab your soldering iron and let's get wiring!

This DIY wiring kit contains all of the parts and know-how you need to solder up a full cigar box guitar pickup harness using one of our extremely popular "Soap Bar" P-90 pickups! We have been selling these pickups for years, and also offering them as a fully pre-wired harness, and now you can go full DIY and do your own.

These kits do require a bit of soldering skill to assemble, which the 10-page how-to guide (written by Glenn Watt) walks you through with plentiful photos and instructional text.

This measurements for the pickup are 3 3/8" x 1 x 3/8" x 5/8"

Here is the list of what is included in this kit:

  • One soap bar P-90 pickup
  • Two 250k potentiometers (pots) with washers and nuts*
  • One ¼-inch jack with washer and nut
  • One .033µF capacitor*
  • Two Black Chickenhead Knobs
  • One 20-inch lead (gray insulated cable with two wires inside)
  • One 12-inch grounding lead (black insulated single wire, not shown)
  • One 10-page photo-illustrated how-to guide

 * A note about potentiometer and capacitor choice: this is what we use on the harnesses we wire in-house. We use these because in our testing, we have found them to work well with cigar box guitars. You may have strong feelings about using other values, and that is OK, and you can certainly pick out the combination you want for your own custom kit from our other separate parts listings.

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