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"Country Roads" Banjo Kit - Authentic Mountain Banjo Sound

  • "Country Roads" Banjo Kit - Authentic Mountain Banjo Sound
  • "Country Roads" Banjo Kit - Authentic Mountain Banjo Sound
  • "Country Roads" Banjo Kit - Authentic Mountain Banjo Sound
  • "Country Roads" Banjo Kit - Authentic Mountain Banjo Sound


Hear the full power of our banjo kit in this new demo video:  New Orleans jazz musician, Brett Gardner performs "Up a Lazy River" with The Cigar Box Serenaders using the Country Roads Banjo Kit as both lead and rhythm.  


Build your own 3 or 4-string mountain-style banjo for $ less than any kit on the market.  The Country Roads Banjo will have you picking and grinning out the great old-time songs and tunes in no time.

Assembly time: just 3-4 hours, not including glue drying time. listing-image-4.jpg

  • Traditional cigar box guitar style: 3 or 4 string versions with a 23" scale (which means no truss rod needed).
  • Neck comes fully fretted.
  • No advanced woodworking is required (no sawing, routing, etc) - just some basic clamping, light drilling and screw insertion
  • Natural white birch wood body is perfect for custom artwork, stain, woodburning or paint.
  • Can be built right or left handed!
  • INCLUDED FREE - Ben Gitty's Essential Chords Posters (3-string or 4-string version, depending on which kit you order).

Designed and with most of the parts made right here at the C. B. Gitty workshops in Gonic, New Hampshire, this amazing-sounding banjo can be built at your dining room table with just a few basic tools.

This  kit comes with a set of strings meant for tuning to Open G "GDGB" (or 3-string GDG), which have become the de facto tuning standards for 4-string and 3-string cigar box instruments. For the 3-string version, you can re-string it with a set of High Open G Strings for an even more old-timey banjo-like sound. For the four-string version, you could get our GDAE long-scale Octave Mandolin set and string it up like an Irish Tenor Banjo!

This kit also comes with a full fretboard already attached to the neck, making assembly easy. The detailed how-to guide not only shows you how to assemble the kit, but also includes some basic how-to-play information as well, to help get you picking once the build is done.

Also don't forget to grab a copy of one of Ben's songbooks! He has a whole line-up of 3-string tablature songbooks, and also the Four-String Songbook by Ben Gitty, featuring 30 beloved songs arranged for four-string GDGB guitars - which is what you build with this kit! Ben's Bluegrass and Old-Time 3-string Tab Songbook would be especially well-suited for this banjo!

Here is a testimonial from customer Ron H: "Got my Tenor kit Thursday. I am very happy with it. It sounds great. Took your advice and am approaching it like a while new instrument. I've been playing in a form of open G (DGBD) but this is better. Especially the chord forms. I am very happy with the four string songbook. Your material is great. Thanks to you I now am understanding how to move from single string melody playing to choral melody playing. I've needed this info for a long time. THANK YOU."

*tools and glue not included

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