Southbound Strings

"Octave Mandolin" GDAE String Set for 23-25" Scale 4-string Instruments



This set of strings is selected specifically for tuning a 4-string instrument (such as a cigar box guitar) to G D A E tuning - the same tuning commonly used on mandolins, octave mandolins, Irish tenor banjos and bouzoukis, tenor guitars and related instruments. This string set will let you tune your 4-string cigar box guitar (or other instrument) to GDAE to make use of the growing library of mandolin tablature songbooks we offer.

This set should work fine on instruments that range in scale length (the distance from the nut to the bridge) from 23 inches to 25 inches.

The three larger strings are all Phosphor Bronze wound, which are traditionally used for Acoustic instruments, and the highest-pitched string is plain steel.

The set contains the following Gauges:

G - .046 (46 Gauge) Phosphor Bronze Wound
D - .034 (34 Gauge) Phosphor Bronze Wound
A - .024 (24 Gauge) Phosphor Bronze Wound
E - .012 (12 Gauge) Plain Steel

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