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The "G-Bass" 2-string DIY Electric Bass Guitar Kit

  • The "G-Bass" 2-string DIY  Electric Bass Guitar Kit
  • The "G-Bass" 2-string DIY  Electric Bass Guitar Kit
  • The "G-Bass" 2-string DIY  Electric Bass Guitar Kit


Building your own homemade electric bass just got a LOT easier, thanks to the "G-Bass" kit from C. B. Gitty!

This kit includes all of the parts you need to build your own short-scale (30-inch) 2-string electric bass, tuned to G-D. This tuning and setup makes it easy for NON-bassists and NON-guitarists to get started playing bass along with their favorite cigar box guitar songs... we even include a how-to-play section in the assembly guide walking you through playing along with your first couple of songs!

We named this the "G-Bass" kit for three reasons: it's a play on the classic "P-Bass" released by Fender in the 1950's; it's tuned to Open G; and it's designed and made by Gitty!

This kit features a solid hard maple neck and box-through brace, and a genuine mahogany fretboard/fingerboard. The box is cut from 1/4" and 1/8" Arctic Birch plywood, which has superior tonal qualities. We include two shiny chrome bass guitar tuners, a hardwood bridge, and a special stainless steel tailpiece of our original design (cut here in the C. B. Gitty workshop). The fully pre-wired pickup harness features a classic-style black covered bass pickup, volume pot and standard mono jack. We include decorative nickel-plated box corners and chrome strap buttons that you can install.

You can choose either the fretted or unfretted option for this kit - for the unfretted option, you'll get the fully slotted fretboard with just the jumbo zero-fret installed; for the fretted option, you'll get a fully fretted fingerboard. Both options use the shorter 30-inch scale made popular by Fender's "Mustang" model back in the 60's. The shorter scale makes it easier to play a 2-string bass, since you don't have to move around quite as much. Overall assembled length of the instrument is 40 inches.

This kit includes a full assembly guide packed with photos and detailed how-to information. You will need basic tools (drill, drill bits, clamps, sandpaper, files/rasps, etc) to assemble this kit. The body of the instrument is a laser-cut plywood box specially designed by Ben "Gitty" Baker for strength and sturdiness; this box comes in its natural "blank slate" wood state, so that you can stain, decorate and apply finishes as desired.

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