Gittylele Concert Uke Completes "Retro Trifecta"

Gittylele Concert Uke Completes "Retro Trifecta"

Shane Speal has posted photos of his latest C. B. Gitty kit project, a retro-inspired  Gittylele Concert Uke. The ukulele is part of his "Retro Trifecta" of Gitty Kits, which includes the G-Bass and Tin Pan Alley resonator guitar.  

Speal's Retro Uke

The Gittylele Concert DIY Ukulele Kit is the full 15-inch concert scale version of our popular ukulele kit.

Speal first painted the soundboard in the same off-white color as used on the other two kits.

He then chose a retro orange color for the second tone.

Masking tape and Exacto knives were used to achieve the look.

Shane's Retro-Paint Tips

All three were painted with simple Rustoleum spray paint and were based on the paint scheme of a 1950's Stella Sundale acoustic guitar in his collection.

The Retro Inspiration

In the 1950's, the Stella Guitar Company (owned by Harmony) included a line of specially painted guitars called Sundale. 

Harmony also released their own brand of specially painted arch-top guitars in the 1950's under the Harmony Catalina brand. 

 Here's just a few photos taken from Google to show the fascinating paint schemes they used. 

These are great inspiration when making your own guitars today.

Here are those photos found on Google Images.

See More Speal Custom Retro Instruments

Check out the other two DIY instruments Speal has built and customized using C. B. Gitty kits.

Here's the Radical Red G-Bass.

Shane Speal's Radical Red G-Bass

Click here to see how this awesome bass sounds and to learn about how Speal modded and hacked the G-Bass kit.

Next, check out Speal's gritty Retro Tin Pan Alley guitar.

Shane Speal's Retro Tin Pan Alley Guitar

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5th Dec 2018

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