The Gitty Gang Show #114

The Gitty Gang Show #114

In this episode of The Gitty Gang Show, you'll hear all about fiddles, enjoy live and recorded performances, and a whole lot more!

Every Friday afternoon at 2 PM (US Eastern) we go live with the Gitty Gang Show from the Gitty stage. 

The show is a grab bag full of cigar box guitars and other homemade instruments, how-to's, songs, stories, jokes and more. 

Plus, we love featuring Gitty Gangsters like you who make this cigar box guitar community such a fantastic place to be!

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13:37 Announcing the 2019 Cigar Box Nation Christmas album. Get your submissions in by 12/20 to be a part of the community project.

15:44 Ben breaks out the fiddle to play an American medley with Glenn on the 6-string crate guitar.

19:16 Ben talks about fiddle repair and maintenance.

22:56 Ben talks about John Nickel's recent fiddle picture he posted and John's intention for it.

27:07 Ben talks about fiddle anatomy.

30:02 Here's a video of Gitty Gangster Jim Morris and a friend playing "I Fall On My Knees."

33:54 Ben plays "The Hobo Lullaby," written by Goebel Reeves and popularized by Woody Guthrie, among others, while Glenn plays the C. B. Gitty G-Bass.

44:27 Here's a video of Tom S. of Rough Cut Guitars playing his 4-stringer.

45:56 Gitty Gangster Vern plays another rousing original tune, sure to leave you smiling.

46:57 Ben notices all the Gitty Gangsters in the comments of the live feed talking about hobos and keeps the conversation going.

51:55 Ben plays "Turkey in the Straw" on his fiddle accompanied by Glenn on the 6-string crate guitar.

55:37 It's Watt Corner, people.

1:11:27 Ben plays an Irish jig on the fiddle.

1:12:51 The Gang plays out the show.

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We Want To See You

We love seeing videos from you Gitty Gangsters on the show. 

To be featured on a future episode, follow these steps:

  1. record a video of yourself and/or what you're building or playing (shoot for under 5 minutes, 1 - 3 is optimal)
  2. upload your video file to a cloud-sharing service such as Google Drive or Dropbox
  3. send a link to the uploaded file to

We look forward to seeing your submissions and sharing them with the world!

25th Nov 2019 Glenn Watt

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