What Do You Find Most Interesting About Cigar Box Guitars? (Part Two)

What Do You Find Most Interesting About Cigar Box Guitars? (Part Two)

This is the second part in a series of posts featuring answers people have given to the new member question on Cigar Box Nation: What do you find most interesting about cigar box guitars? We share some of the answers here as a source of inspiration and reminder of just how amazing this hobby of building and playing homemade instruments really is.


“I think the sound is wonderful! I saw them being played at Lowe Mills in Huntsville, AL and I was hooked! Bought a great guitar there.” - Vickie S., July 2021. Alabama, United States

“Less strings less stress.” - Barry B., October 2019. Kentucky, United States.

“A joy to make looking forward to learn to play them.” - Alan B., October 2019. Dundalk, Ireland.

“I've always played guitar and I've always loved to make things. Combining both of those things out of random junk I find at my house or a flea market has helped me with depression and gave me a little more purpose in life.” - Tyler G., October 2019. Maine, United States.

“I am an old muso, and have recently retired. I like messing around with musical instruments. I am handy with my hands and like woodwork. Music, woodwork & instruments, what else do you need?” - Peter H., December 2017. Melbourne, Australia.

“Nothing beats playing something you made yourself!” - Littleshovel, April 2011.New York, United States.

“Makeshift hobo-rock.” - Knotlenny, December 2008. New York, United States.

“They allow practically anyone to make music on an instrument made with their own hands!” - Kevin K., December 2008. Missouri, United States.

“Primitive, raw funk and howling, moaning juju at my fingertips! I love recycling and repurposing these old boxes and 'found objects' and (hopefully) transforming them into works of functional, musical art. Plus, building them keeps me from roaming the streets at night.” - David R., August 2010. Massachusetts, United States.

“What I can accomplish with my own 2 hands!” - Henry D., January 2011. Ontario, Canada.

“They're square but not square.” - Phil, December 2022. Madrid, Spain.

“The sound, inventing new instruments and discovering the joys of wood.” - Muddytone, October 2022. United Kingdom.

“The range of depth and emotion you can get out of three strings and an old wood box.” - Will, August 2022. Texas, United States.

“CBG's sound awesome, yet I have not played one or built one yet. I am a woodcrafter w/ my own small wood crafting business, and I happen to build a lot of Trinket Boxes, etc...I also have played guitar for a while, still learning. The gritty sound of that 3 or 4 string is just Wow! I have watched Shane and Justin Johnson and others on Youtube, love those guys. I have always admired how great luthiers have crafted their Guitars, so I am inspired by the craftsmanship of the Guitar Builder, Guitar Player and Woodcrafter. These CBG seems like a perfect fit for me personally and professionally. I just ordered some parts from C. B. Gitty and gathering the wood to build my first CBG. I am hoping this build along with future builds will possibly fit into my business. I also have acquired a few books on CBG, there are a lot of awesome builders out there. Like I said so much inspiration. Thank you for your time, I look forward to being a part of the Cigar Box Nation.” - Glenn R., July 2022. Texas, United States.

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